March 18, 2010

Through taking back our power to create the future, we defuse the 2012 timebomb. We are capable of creating disaster or glory with the power of our minds!

March 7, 2010

“AM” = “AS ME.”…that which cannot be named expressing itself in me, as me, through me.

The “I”is necessary for the for the initial separation and formation of the  boundaries where the Divine Energy contracts itself so that we can begin to perceive something of its Nothingness. Nothing can contain the “ALL THERE IS, ” therefore there can only be imprints. We must not worship the “footprints/imprints of the Divine because they are only clues of its presence.

Fixating on the remnantscould be an error because it is the same as being transfixed by the charred remains of a fire long after it has burned. We  cannot see the substance that  originallycaused the flame. We can only find traces of it in the midst of the embers.

March 6, 2010

The “Am” Power..that which we cannot name. We remove the “I.” The “I: is merely the persona, the clothing that we wear in each lifetime. It is the note we play on the string at different “times.” ….the different entries in the score of the Divine Symphony.

We are identified as the “I” and “You” even before we are born. 3-dimensional ultrasounds of the developing foetus entrance its parents and it is named and gendered before its emergence from the womb.

The new “I” is now loaded with the expectations and the dreams of its parents and its soul-purpose  already begins to be clouded.  The veil of forgetfulness begins to be drawn.

AM= “AS ME.”: That which cannot be named expressing itself in me, as me, through me. We need to restore the “Amness” to ourselves right now.

Hello world!

March 4, 2010

Life is a diary written in invisible ink. By the time you have formed a letter, it has already disappeared. In order to read it, you need to hold it up to the Light. (Belinda and son Ross aged 8.)

I am a TV and radio psychic medium .I have been able to see the “unseen” ever since i can remember and I only realised that i was different from other people when I was four years old.I realised that other people did not see colours around bodies (auras) and did not play with little dead friends.

I am also a  medical intuitive, spiritual counsellor, healer and teacher…..

I am an opera singer and the originator of the holistic Vocal Matrix Method and I feel closest to G-d and the angels when I sing. For me, music and spiritual awareness are two abilities that have to co-exist.

I love bringing hope and proof of survival after death . Working with the media enables me to reach large numbers of people to whom I bring closure and comfort. In addition to my own TV programmes, (“Making Contact” and “Your Date with Destiny,”) I have appeared on “Three Talk” (SABC 3); “Free Spirit;” “The Fat Joe Show;” ETV “Morning Live;” and “The World News.” I have also had my own live Psychci-Mediumship show at the Baxter Theatre.

My  past regular radio work  has included  a weekly live phone-in psychic slot on “KFM”  whilst I have also been a guest on many other radio stations such as Cape Talk; 702; ; Lotus FM; SAFM; Metro and Radio Algoa;

Here are a few of my media references:

Odyssey magazine: ” a Rare Medium;” (March 2004;) Sunday Times Magazine September 2003 ” a sangoma without props; a likeable; sensitive and funny medium,” You Magazine 7 August 2003- ” Captain Karel Cornelius of the South Africa Police made this comment re her investigations into the Gert van Rooyen Paedophile case: “her visions of the Satanic sacrifice of the girls make sense. ”

Grant Henry in a article in Femina Magazine: described Belinda as “amazingly accurate” after she described his late grandfather who died in WWII, right down to the fact that he had lied about his age in order to be conscripted ; the location of his war wounds and and where photographs of him could be found.

Sergio Ben of the Cape Times wrote after seeing her stage show “Cross over and Connect” at the Baxter theatre (in addition to a personal interview with her, )” Silbert’s show has cross-over appeal; though I hold no real faith in any form of divination and metaphysical antics, Silbert’s reading of me was accurate. I gave her nothing to “work with,” and she went into detail about my small and very private family. Spooky!”

Jeanne Viall of the Cape Argus: “Then she comes up with names of significant people in my life, with messages for them. I’m gobsmacked- these aren’t common names and she’s spot on. It’s uncanny.”

I  run numerous courses both nationally and internationally.  These include Psychic Development; Mantic Arts; Angelology; Kabbalah; Metablic Reversal ; Dream Science; Spiritual Economics and Energy Transfusion Healing. For details of new and upcoming courses, please visit my website

I have also written a book “A Survival Kit for the Hereafte,r”  published by Juta’s -Double-Storey.

I have released a meditation CD and there are new CD’s on the agenda for this year.